Day 5 // Día 5

Day 5 (Sun, 28th of April, 2013)

Nice! Finally got some quality sleep time!

Today has been a much calmer day. People disappear on Sundays! I have finally been able to complete and get together all of the required documentation, due to the fact that I managed to get a decent scanner! Now I have everything, just an online test due and done.

I had time today to have lunch with my mom, and get a decent meal! And she helped me out with some of the things for the candidature.

The evening /night I’ve spent it feeding and cleaning a bit my little ones. That even with all this hectic days due to the candidature, I never leave them aside… What kind of caretaker would I be!

TIP: When feeding snakes, never have a set day that you feed them. They never catch their pray the same day! Be as erratic as you want!




Dia 5 (Do, 28 de Abril, 2013)

Bien! Al fin he conseguido dormir bien un día!

Hoy ha sido un día mucho más tranquilo. El domingo la gente desaparece! Finalmente me he podido dedicar bien a completar y juntar todo la documentación correspondiente, ya que he conseguido un scanner decente! Ya tengo todo, solo me falta un test online y finiquitado.

He tenido tiempo para poder ir a comer con mi mami, y de comer decentemente!  Y me ha echado una mano con algunas cosas de la candidatura.

Y la tarde / noche la he dedicado a dar de comer y limpiar un poco a mis pequeños. Que aunque tenga tanto lio de la candidatura no les puedo dejar de lado… Vaya cuidador sería sino!

CONSEJO:  Dando de comer a serpientes, nunca tengas un día en concreto para alimentarlas. Ellas no siempre cogen sus presas el mismo día. Se tan errático como quieras!


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